Jeremy Smith | Co-creator, Performer

For Driftwood: Founding Artistic Director 

Other Credits (selected): (as director) A Night at the Rose (Coutermeasure Music), An Evening With Retrocity (Retrocity), The Odyssey (Grant Theatre), Northern Lights, Eastern Fire (Canadian Sinfonietta), Memorial (Next Step Productions).

About: The Driftwood Theatre Group was founded and has been led for nearly 30 years by award-winning Artistic Director D. Jeremy Smith. Jeremy is an artistic director, theatre administrator, theatre director, designer, painter and performer whose passion for the theatre is represented in his varied credits with theatres across Ontario. Through Driftwood, he has helped to foster the development of over 100 short and 10 full-length plays. He figures it’s about time to put some of that creative energy to his own stories (with some expert assistance from Steven Gallagher and Mr. Shakespeare).

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