Ravyn Ariah Wngz | Creator | The Onion Cellar

For Driftwood: Debut. 

Other Credits (selected): White Girls in Moccasins (Manidoons Collective), Ugly Black Woman (Nicola Lawrence Production), Antarctica (Syrus Marcus Ware), 21 Black Futures: Jah in the Everlasting Song (Obsidian Thaetre/CBC-Gem).

About: The Onion Cellar in my understanding explores connection safety and community through way of artistic conversations. I am an Afro-Indigenous 2Spirit Trans Woman, I’m a memory keeper and abolitionist and my love language is dance. Through dance song and speech I delve into theses layers to reveal buried stolen and forgotten truths and offer pathways to a bigger more radical love.

Upcoming: Cacao (A Venezuelan Lament) (Victoria Mata Production), My Name is Jackie (Nicola Lawrence Production).