The Dream is almost here. Reserve your seat!

Get the most out of this summer’s A (musical) Midsummer Night’s Dream by reserving your seats today: until July 25, THE EARLY BARD CATCHETH THE WIN!

A Driftwood experience is unlike any other. With actors and audience all sharing the same space under an evening sky, anything can happen! Make sure you’ve got the best seats ‘on the lawn’ this summer and reserve your seats in advance. Book your seats by July 25 and be entered into our EARLY BARD CATCHETH THE WIN contest, with nightly draws for Driftwood swag and complimentary snacks at the show!


Seats can be reserved for almost every show in Driftwood’s 25th anniversary season. We’ve asked our illustrious leader, Jeremy Smith, who has attended more Driftwood shows than anyone (except his parents), to give the low-down on why reserved seats are so awesome.

That would be Artistic Director Jeremy Smith, showing audience members first-hand the benefits of reserved seating.

Here are Artistic Director Jeremy Smith’s TOP SIX REASONS for reserving your seats in advance:
  1. Get best seats. “I like sitting a little further back in a comfy chair, but my kids love getting up close on cushions. Regardless of your preference, reserved guests are guaranteed the best seats for hearing and sight lines”.
  2. Arrive when you want. “With two young kids in tow, I can’t always get out of the house on time. If I get to the show later than I’d like, we have to sit way in the back and park my three-year old on my lap for two uncomfortable house because she can’t see over everyone else’s heads (sometimes being the boss doesn’t come with special perks).  Reserved guests can arrive anytime they like (prior to show time) and know that they’ll still have great seats.”
  3. Hassle-free seating. “You may notice a pattern here, but as the dad, I’m always carrying the furniture. That’s four chairs plus the diaper bag. With a reservation upgraded to include a lawn chair or cushion, all you need to do is show up – we’ll have your seats waiting for you.”
  4. Be in the know. “Making the trip with family in tow only to find that the show’s been cancelled is a bummer. Reserved guests are the first to know if we have to move to a back up venue or cancel a show due to poor weather. We update all reserved guests by email on the day of your show as decisions are made.” 
  5. Flexible Choice. “We do our best to make sure that the show goes on, but sometimes we have to cancel or move the show inside. Some of our back-up venues are wild – an experience unto themselves – but I’m really charmed by experiencing Driftwood under the open sky. If a show is cancelled or there’s bad weather, reserved guests have the flexibility of moving their reservation to another show or receiving a charitable tax receipt for the value of their reservation.”
  6. WIN BIG. “Who doesn’t like winning free stuff?! My kids go crazy over autographed posters and programs. Everyone who reserves a seat prior to July 25 will be entered into the EARLY BARD CATCHETH THE WIN contest. At every show we’ll be drawing a winner to receive a copy of the Dream poster signed by the cast, a copy of our 2012 Dream cast recording (sing along at home!), and complimentary snacks for the show for everyone in your reservation (max. 10 people). You won’t even have to share your free Dr. Pepper!”  

Clearly, booking your seat early is the best way to get in on the Driftwood action, so don’t delay: reserve your seats for Driftwood Theatre’s A (musical) Midsummer Night’s Dream today!


Rosalynde (2018) cast members Geoffrey Armour (left) and Ngabo Nabea (right, standing) explain the virtues of reserved seating to guests. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

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