Good people sharing great stories.


To tell stories wherever and whenever we can in ways which are uncompromisingly live and surprisingly unexpected.

To develop and produce plays rooted in mythic and epic storytelling, while remaining responsive to the world we live in right now.

To immerse ourselves in the act of sharing stories, where communities are both audiences to and participants in the creative process.

To welcome all people in the creation, performance, and exploration of the work.


Take risks. Champion inclusivity and celebrate friendship. Spark joy. Choose adventure. Respect our environment.


Driftwood Theatre is Ontario’s leading outdoor summer touring theatre company, on the road with The Bard’s Bus Tour visiting Ontario communities since 1995.

Since 1995, the company has performed for over 100,000 people in venues across the province. City parks, campus fields, schools, heritage museums, castles, private estates and even a parking lot have, at one time or another, been home to a Driftwood performance.

Through the Beyond the Bard Play Development program, Driftwood Theatre has supported the development of over 100 short and full-length plays by emerging Canadian playwrights since 2004.