Shakespeare D&D: Recap

The Story So Far…


Shipwrecked on a mysterious island following a violent tempest, our adventurers – the young sorcerer Percy Parsimmon Parsnip, the songful bard Feste, the fun-loving witch Hecate, the jittery rogue Dogberry, the vengeful paladin Joan, and the mysterious warrior Fidele – set out to find the missing master of the diminutive gnome, Dromio of Syracuse.


Guided by a local inhabitant, Caliban, the party make their way into the heart of the densely forested island where they are harassed by troubling visions, meet by the wondrous spirit Ariel, and solve the riddle of a bounteous feast. Conquering their many challenges (and narrowly avoiding death once or twice) they finally arrive at a hillside grotto at the edge of the woods.


Deep within the caverns hidden within the homestead, they find the imprisoned Antipholus and confront the evil hag, Sycorax.


Once a coven-mate of Hecate, Sycorax was banished by her sisters for stealing and consuming the newborn child of the Macbeths in hopes of birthing a powerful progeny. Instead, imprisoned on a far-away island, she had a son, Caliban.


In those darkened caverns, in the fight of their lives, the heroes finally prevail when Joan reveals her true form – an ethereal-winged Aasimar, a being touched by the gods – and smites the hideous hag.


Our story begins weeks after these event when, having escaped the island, our protagonists arrive weeks later at the bustling port city of Ephesus, where new adventures (and new companions) await!


Join us for SHAKESPEARE D&D: 2nd EDITION on Monday, May 15!


(Party image by Jeremy Smith)