Ontario Storybook

Tell us your story and win $100 to one of several Ontario restaurants!

We want to hear your stories, Ontario. Each week from July 17 to Sept 4, Driftwood will post a new question on our social media, and we want to hear your answers. Recount an event from your life, write a poem, snap a photograph, share a drawing or video. Be creative!

When you send us your story you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to an Ontario restaurant near you. (Read all about our restaurant partners here.) Every week, you can check back on our social media and tell us a new story to be entered again and increase your chances of winning! You can answer as many questions as you like anytime before the final draw in September.

Share your stories with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and make sure to tag Driftwood Theatre and use the hashtag #OntarioStorybook, or you can send your answers to scaraher@driftwoodtheatre.com. Check back every week for a new question!


  1. What’s the story of your family?
  2. What’s the story of a teacher or mentor who changed you?
  3. What’s the story of a mark or scar on your body?
  4. What’s the story of your best friend?
  5. What’s the story of someone you couldn’t forgive?
  6. What’s the story of the wildest night of your life?
  7. Whats the story of a time you felt like an outsider?
  8. What’s the story of the most memorable place you called home?

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7 replies
  1. Riaz Mahmood
    Riaz Mahmood says:

    This is a life changing story of mine. I am an immigrant actor from Bangladesh. I have decided to continue my acting career in my new hometown Toronto. I did not know how could I start. Professor Antje Budde, theatre and performance department, U of T gave me the valuable advice and I have started work with digital dramaturge lab founded by Antje. That was the first opportunity to engage with theatre in Toronto. I would love to express my gratitude to professor Antje . Antje is most important guardian and mentor. Without Anjte and her inspiration I would not be able to start theatre activities in Toronto, in my new hometown. Love and respect for my teacher professor Antje Budde.

  2. Lynette Thibeau
    Lynette Thibeau says:

    This is a story about my cats. When I was small, I had a cat named Blizzard. She was pure black. She was named that because she showed up in the ‘Blizzard of ’73’. In 1977 Blizzard had kittens on July 4th (living in the states, this was a big deal). Each of them was black with white spots here and there except for one. He was a Russian Blue. We kept him and gave away the rest. We named him J4. Blizzard and J4. Unfortunately, J4 got hit by a car a few years later. We still had Blizzard and added a new kitten, named Toby. Soon after we got Toby, we had to move and find new homes for them. Blizzard went to a farm and Toby went to friends of my father’s. We moved 3x and then were settled again. At that time, the owner of Toby was getting a divorce and we got Toby back! He was our family cat for 22 years.

  3. Maria Acosta
    Maria Acosta says:

    Hola dear all, do you have any activities in Southern Ontario, outdoors, that we as a family or individuals, can attend ? Thank you so much, and may God bless you all, and like they say at business… The Show must go on!

  4. Sarah Caraher
    Sarah Caraher says:

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your interest in Driftwood! The only outdoor activity we have programmed for this summer are our Outdoor Theatre Workshops, which will be taking place in Bowmanville and Pickering. But we are in the process of developing new safety guidelines that will allow us to resume performing safely in the future, and are hoping to be back onstage soon!


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