Black Lives Matter

Today, June 8, 2020, would have been the first day of rehearsals for Driftwood’s 2020 production of King Henry Five.

In response to recent events and as part of our own journey to listen, learn and support voices of black, indigenous and artists of colour, we’re commemorating this day by encouraging everyone to watch this extraordinary video – Black Like Me, past, present and future: Behind the Stratford Festival Curtain – drawing together black artists, staff and crew members of the Stratford Festival for an important conversation about their experiences.

With thanks to moderator Beck Lloyd, participants Allan Louis, Amakah Umeh, Andre Sills, David Collins, E.B. Smith, Erica Croft, Kimberley Rambersand, Robert Hall, 2018 Driftwood company member Ngabo Nabea (who provided the wicked cover illustration) and to the Stratford Festival for all coming together to share so bravely during these challenging and important times.

Watch the full video here.


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