"O, beware my lord, of jealousy..."

William Shakespeare’s searing tale of race, jealousy and revenge is set against the backdrop of recent history when, in 1974, Canadian peacekeepers are caught in a life or death struggle on the small island of Cyprus.

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Click the link to meet the cast and creative team, find dates and locations, and learn more about Driftwood's 2017 Bard's Bus Tour.

Beyond the Bard

In church basements across Toronto, a generation of addicts come to God.

Free readings of new Canadian plays

Emerging Canadian playwright Jesse LaVercombe explores faith and addiction in his new play, Resurrect. Join Driftwood for free readings of this work in development on July 27, August 11 or August 13.

The Cyprus Project

In the summer of 1974 on the small island of Cyprus a fragile peace between inhabitants came to an abrupt and violent end. Caught in the middle were United Nations Peacekeeping Forces which included Canadian soldiers.

Sharing our Living Memory

Driftwood Theatre and partner Fixt Point weave multiple stories, memories and perspectives together to create a special installation presented prior to all performances of Othello.


Happy (Belated) Birthday, Shakespeare

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Driftwood Theatre announces full cast, creative team and schedule for The Bard’s Bus Tour: Othello We were too busy raising a glass in memory of the Bard on April 23 (he died on the same day he was born which is always cause for lengthy celebration) to make this announcement but we’re thrilled nonetheless to […]