Play in a Pub: Red Velvet, by Lolita Chakrabarti

Driftwood Theatre presents a reading of award-winning British playwright Lolita Chakrabarti’s Red Velvet on May 15 at Toronto's Social Capital Theatre.

Casual readings of Shakespeare-inspired plays. Over a pint.

The Times of London exclaims Red Velvet is 'a slice of theatrical and racial history combines to make a really great night out. Four Stars.'

This Summer, Explore Your Creative Roots

Driftwood Theatre is now accepting applications for its FREE theatre training experience for young actors. Get excellent training and mentorship, experience the Toronto theatre scene, develop incredible friendships. The Creative Roots program is available for participants ages 14-19. Click the link for info.

Happy World Theatre Day

In celebration of World Theatre Day, Driftwood Theatre unveils its full slate of projects for the remainder of 2017: Play in a Pub, The Bard's Bus Tour, The Cyprus Project, Beyond the Bard.

Another Successful Trafalgar 24

Emerging Playwright Jesse LaVercombe receives Beyond The Bard Residency for his play 'Resurrect' (pictured) as part of Driftwood's sold-out celebration of new Canadian plays. For all the details, hit the link.


Happy World Theatre Day

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In celebration of World Theatre Day, Driftwood Theatre is excited to announce its 2017 season of The Bard’s Bus Tour and supporting projects. RED VELVET Ahead of the Bard’s Bus Tour, Driftwood presents a reading of Lolita Chakrabarti’s award-winning play, Red Velvet, as part of its Play in a Pub series. Red Velvet is a […]