Hallelujah, It's Holly

What better way to spend a Monday night than enjoying a reading of a BRAND NEW PLAY. In a PUB! On May 7, Driftwood Theatre presents a reading of 'Hallelujah, It's Holly' by Jesse LaVercombe: the culmination of our 2017 Beyond The Bard play development residency.

Play in a Pub

Driftwood Theatre’s Play in a Pub series brings together celebrated members of the theatre community with Driftwood core artists to read new Canadian plays and notable adaptations of Shakespeare over a pint.

Creative Roots Registration is OPEN

If you're between the ages of 14 - 19 and want to spend to weeks exploring the skills, contacts and community of professional theatre, then Creative Roots is for you. This is a FREE training program for young actors. Click the link to find out more!

Creative Roots Mentors

All Creative Roots Training participants are also matched with a professional mentor from among Driftwood's summer company. Mentors provide additional training, industry perspective and connections, and advice.

Shakespeare Fusion

In the English language, the beauty of Shakespeare's text lies in its rhythm. So, what happens when his work is translated into other languages? What impact do language and culture have upon Shakespeare's text in performance? How would Shakespeare's text be impacted by performance in multiple languages?

A multilingual Shakespeare workshop

Part professional development workshop, part artistic sharing, ShakespeareFusion will explore text, rhythm and culture in hopes of understanding Shakespeare's universal appeal. Click the link to learn more and register.


Weather Update: July 14, Oshawa

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WEATHER UPDATE JULY 14: Chance of showers and storms in Oshawa for our opening at Parkwood Estate today, but we’re still planning on a show! Please see Twitter and Facebook (at 2pm and 6pm) or call 844.601.8057 for updates.