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Together again, huh?

Driftwood Theatre proudly announces the cast for Play in a Pub: The Jedi Doth Return – the final chapter in William Shakespeare’s (courtesy of Ian Doescher) epic galactic saga. The cast reading this extraordinary blend of classical theatre and pop culture is led by Jonathan Goad (Stratford Festival) as Han Solo, Sarah Wilson (Soulpepper Theatre) […]

Surviving the Tour, or: I Love Your Silly Faces

Tales of tour survival from actor Steven Burley…. Listen.  I will tell you how we survive.  I’ve done it for many years. But, first: It’s windy in Peterborough.  It’s the kind of wind that comes on strong, then suddenly dies, and in that moment of calm, before the next push, it’s like the trees whisper […]

Speak the speech…

Myekah Payne is the Assistant Director of Hamlet. Though she has logged plenty of time on the stage, this is her first time on the other side of the action at the Director’s table. Currently she is finishing her degree at York University specializing in the study of Dramaturgy. This study is what spurs her […]

The actors are come hither…

The actors are come hither… The best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral… Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2 Rehearsals for Hamlet started this week. It’s always a thrilling time, full of possibility. Before we jumped into the first week’s work of table reads and meet-and-greets and design presentations, I wanted to […]