Meet the adventurous players of Shakespeare D&D

Leading up to the return to live summer theatre touring, Driftwood Theatre Group is thrilled to announce their spring fundraising event, Shakespeare D&D, a fantastical fusion of the world’s most well-known playwright and its most popular roleplaying game. Shakespeare D&D will be played live May 15, 2022 at Critical Hit Gaming Lounge in Courtice, Ontario, and will also be available via live-stream.

An epic adventure of Shakespearean proportions, Shakespeare D&D is a live-play event of Dungeons and Dragons, set in a fantasy world inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. Driftwood Theatre’s Artistic Director, D Jeremy Smith, leads a cast of Shakespeare nerds on an epic quest that will unfold right before your very eyes. No scripts. No sets. Just magical levels of fun.

Joining the Shakespeare D&D cast are Driftwood (and D&D) veterans Chris Darroch (Othello, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, Driftwood), Madeleine Donohue (The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Driftwood), Helen King (Othello, King Lear, Driftwood) and Myekah Payne (Production Dramaturg, King Henry Five, Driftwood). They are joined by theatre artist and director Anand Rajaram (So You, So I, Driftwood, As You Like It, Canadian Stage) and emerging theatre artist Mirabella Sundar Singh (Twelfth Night, Theatre Sheridan).

“This is an entirely new experience for Driftwood audiences, unlike anything we’ve done before” says D Jeremy Smith, “whether you appreciate Shakespeare, improvisational theatre, or are a D&D nerd like the rest of us, this event is going to be filled with unexpected surprises, epic adventure and fabulous storytelling.”

Audience members are invited to get in on the action by purchasing ‘perks’ that will be used during the game to help or hinder the players. Give the gift of a random magic potion, a curse or some healing salves to keep the adventuring players on their feet or on their toes!

Tickets for Shakespeare D&D are now on sale (click the button below). In keeping with Driftwood Theatre’s vision of theatre for all people, all tickets are available for Pay What You Can Afford admission. Audiences are invited to select from four one of four set admission prices ($5, $35, $50, $75) which best suits their circumstance.