Digital Driftwood: A 2021 Pandemic Update

Oh, we so want to be sharing live theatre with communities across Ontario this summer! But it is not to be. 

In response to the ongoing Covid pandemic and after careful consideration, Driftwood Theatre has made the very difficult decision to refrain from producing the Bard’s Bus Tour for a second season. 
Though we are disappointed by this news, we feel that it is in the best interest of the safety and well-being of our company members and audience to delay until we are able to gather again in the way we’d like: face to face, eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder. 
But that doesn’t mean we’re resting idle! In many ways, Driftwood is busier than ever as we ramp up for a digital shift to bridge the gap. We have three very exciting projects lined up for the summer of 2021 and hope you’ll join us from home (and on the road, when it’s safe to do so) as we embark on new adventures. 
Read on for a quick preview of Driftwood Digital 2021 and be sure to visit back here again or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all the Driftwood news. 

The Motorcycle Monologues

Join Artistic Director Jeremy Smith as he sets out on a solo quest across Ontario to rediscover and reconnect with places and people we’ve been separated from during the Covid pandemic.
The Motorcycle Monologues will be an entirely unique and innovative experience fusing together three seemingly disparate elements: motorcycling, Shakespeare and documentary storytelling.
The Motorcycle Monologues, an 8-part video web series, will air in the summer of 2021.

Beyond The Bard Digital Short Play Festival

A week after Driftwood held its annual 24-hour play-creation festival, Trafalgar 24, on March 8 2020, the world came to an abrupt stop. The Covid pandemic has held us in its grip ever since.
For months we’ve been working with five playwrights to develop the short plays they originally wrote at Trafalgar 24, intending to present their work as opening-act performances for the Bard’s Bus Tour. 
The Beyond the Bard Digital Short Play Festival will instead air these stories online as short films in late summer 2021. 

Pop-Up Play Workshops

This summer, tell your story.
Driftwood artist Deivan Steele is back for another summer of in (socially-distanced) person and online workshops focusing on play and storytelling.
Pop-Up Play Workshops will encourage participants to explore the theatrical storytelling through fun and safe play. 
Pop-Up Play Workshops will be offered both digitally and in select Toronto and GTA parks during the month of August.
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