King Henry Five Cast Announcement

Driftwood Theatre Group is excited to announce plans for their return to the road with The Bard’s Bus Tour. Back for the first time since 2019, Driftwood will present King Henry Five, running throughout Southern Ontario from July 14 – August 21, 2022. 

An ambitious adaptation of three Shakespeare plays (Henry IV pts 1 & 2, Henry V), King Henry Five is a powerful story about community, the families we inherit and those we choose, and the legacies we leave behind.

Set against the backdrop of an contemporary patio bar and featuring Driftwood’s signature blend of music, puppetry and Shakespeare’s captivating poetry, King Henry Five rolls into outdoor community spaces across Ontario this summer.

This compelling saga will be told with a cast of only five performers. Lead by Driftwood’s Founding Artistic Director, D Jeremy Smith the cast includes celebrated Canadian theatre veteran Hume Baugh (Our Town, Theatre Rusticle) as Falstaff, Richard Alan Campbell (14 productions, VideoCabaret) as Quickly/Henry IV, Ximena Huizi (Rosalynde, Driftwood Theatre) as Poins/Hotspur, and emerging theatre artists Rosalie Tremblay (Trafalgar 24, Driftwood Theatre) as Cathearine/Bardolph and emerging theatre artist Ben Yoganathan (Romeo & Juliet, X University) as Hal/Henry V. The production is designed by Julia Kim (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Driftwood) and will feature seven original songs with lyrics by Germaine Konji (2020 Musical Stage Company Banks Prize). 

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“By the time we hit the road in July,” says Jeremy, “it will have been three years since we were last face-to-face with people across Ontario. I can’t wait to share this epic story and the work of these extraordinary artists with our audiences.”

Tickets for King Henry Five are now on sale online at In keeping with Driftwood Theatre’s vision of theatre for all people, all tickets are available for Pay What You Can Afford admission. Audiences are invited to select from four one of four  set admission prices ($5, $35, $50, $75) which best suits their circumstance.

Driftwood Theatre brings accessible, live, outdoor theatre across Ontario. Whether it’s Shakespeare or contemporary playwrights, Driftwood produces professional theatre that reflects a uniquely Canadian experience.

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March Break Virtual Workshops

This March, Driftwood is offering a number of exciting virtual theatre workshops for young storytellers and performers around Ontario! 

We’ll be offering three storytelling workshops in partnership with public libraries, one workshop about character-creation and movement with Ontario Power Generation’s Virtual Power Kids program, and last but not least we’ll be joining Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood as a special guest at the end of their week-long March break half-day camp.

Get ready to spark your imagination, get your body moving, and tell some stories!

Oshawa Public Library | March 15 at 11am

Click here to register.

King Township Public Library | March 16 at 10am

Click here to register.

Richmond Hill Public Library | March 17 at 2pm

Click here to register.

Visual Arts Centre Mississauga | Week-long, half-day camp

Click here to register (registration closes March 6)

Ontario Power Generation | March 24th, 10am

Click here to register. 

Ticketing: Our New Vision for Accessible Theatre

Since Driftwood’s inception over 25 years ago, we’ve held fiercely to our belief that theatre should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live or how much money you have in your pocket. But the world has changed a lot since 1995, especially so in the three years since we’ve last toured. The reality is that touring free or Pay What You Can professional theatre productions is just not feasible in 2022.

Today, there are also health and safety considerations that our communities, our artists and our staff rely on us to make in order to keep them informed and minimize contact. The old ‘pass the pink bag of joy’ version of admissions collection is no longer safe.

And so, for the health of our organization and the health of our communities, Driftwood Theatre is introducing a new ticketing model, a bridge between Driftwood’s original mandate and the realities of an increased need for health and safety measures as well as greater fiscal responsibility.

Pay What You Can AFFORD

We still feel very strongly that a single set ticket price just isn’t for us. So here’s the plan:

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of industry peers Why Not Theatre (check them out, they’re awesome), in 2022 Driftwood will introduce Pay What You Can AFFORD, a ticketing system for all future productions whereby audiences can select from one of four set admission prices: $5, $35, $50, $75.

Audience members are encouraged to select and pay the price which suits their budget. Whether you’re a bustling family with little to spend on those extracurriculars or a bachelor/ette with cash burning a hole in your pocket, there’s a ticket price within that range for you.

However, we realize that for some even $5 presents a significant barrier to participation, and so we’re looking to the kindness of our communities to help keep Driftwood truly accessible for everyone.

Theatre for Everyone: Community Tix

They say “it takes a village” and we couldn’t agree more. Making sure that theatre is accessible to those who need it most is a community effort. Working with partnered organizations in communities across our touring area, Driftwood is creating a Community Tix program to offer free theatre where it’s really needed.

Every PWYCA ticket purchased at the $75 level unlocks two free tickets. These community tickets flow into one of two pools: at the point of sale the purchaser can decide if the tickets will go towards a partnered organization in their own community, or be distributed at Driftwood’s discretion to a larger pool of organizations province-wide. By purchasing your ticket at the $75 level you will have a direct hand in helping two other people see the show.

Get Your Tickets Early

We’re strongly encouraging guests to buy their tickets in advance. Advance ticket sales serve as an important source of revenue to help keep the ‘wheels on the bus’ and they’re also an important tool in keeping communities safe and informed. We’ll be able to keep better track of, and communicate with, audience members in the case of potential gathering limitations, cancellations, emergencies or for contact tracing where needed. 

We can’t wait to gather with you again this summer and look forward to coming together as a community to share affordable, accessible theatre with everyone in Ontario.

See you on the road,

Jeremy Smith, Artistic Director

Call for Submissions: The Onion Cellar

Driftwood Theatre Group invites applications from diverse storytellers for a new project led by Ahmed Moneka.

Truth spoken has the ability to heal. Truth guarded has destroyed civilizations.

With the generous support of Nightswimming Theatre and in partnership with Driftwood Theatre, actor, musician and creator Ahmed Moneka is engaging in a new project to explore our human need to share and experience stories as a process of healing, breaking down barriers, and building community.

The Onion Cellar imagines a tavern in the city of Toronto where no food or alcohol is served but where, through the cutting and peeling onions, guests are prompted to shed tears, share stories and begin a process of healing.

In Moneka’s vision, The Onion Cellar (based loosely on a chapter of German novelist Gunter Grass’ ‘The Tin Drum’) is a vital story, a response to circumstances and technology that have robbed us of our ability to truly commune and share openly with each other across cultures, beliefs and experiences. The Onion Cellar is envisioned as a collectively-created, world-fusion musical celebrating openness, storytelling and community.


We are looking for six theatre artists, preferably with a strong connection to music, to engage with us in a process of story sharing and creation over a potentially long-term project (pending funding).

For this current phase of supported work, we are conducting two meetings with each artist lasting approximately 90-120 minutes each. In the first session the artist will share one or more personal stories. Between the first and second session will be a period of writing by Mr. Moneka. At the second session each artist will be asked to respond to and engage with the writing. Each session will take place over Zoom.

From Mr. Moneka, “we are asking you to bring your most treasured self and your radical truth and in return, we will provide a humble honouring and gratitude for your rawness and vulnerability”.


What follows is a suggested breakdown of artists. However, we are committed to reflecting Canada’s rich diversity in all aspects of our work. We encourage and welcome applicants from all backgrounds and will prioritize applicants who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, Women, Gender minorities, 2SLGBTQ+, d/Deaf, Disabled/People with Disabilities, and/or Neurodiverse.

  • Artist 1. Trans-identifying individual, any gender. 20-30
  • Artist 2. Asian individual, any gender. 20-40.
  • Artist 3. Black individual, cis female. 50-60.
  • Artist 4. Indigenous individual, any gender. 20-40.
  • Artist 5. A widow or single parent, any gender. 20-40.
  • Artist 6. Caucasian individual, cis male. 40-60.

Again, these are suggestions only, if you don’t see yourself reflected above but feel that you have a story to share, we’d like to hear from you.

Please submit a letter of interest, photo & resume in a single pdf format to Driftwood Theatre at In the letter, please provide any details about yourself you are willing to share and express, in some way, your connection to story or storytelling. Please also indicate your connection to music, what instruments you play (if any), and vocal range (if you know it).

Please note: we encourage everyone with an interest to make an application. Musical ability would be great, but it is not mandatory. First and foremost, we want to hear your story.

Both CAEA members and non-CAEA members will be considered. All artists will be engaged under a workshop contract through the Independent Theatre Agreement (CAEA). Electronic submissions only. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

No agency submissions please. Agents, please encourage your clients to self-submit.

COMPENSATION: Compensation will be $250/session ($500 total).

The deadline for submissions is February 14, 2022, at 12pm.