by Gloria Mok

An exploration of music and memory, Diminished tells the story of a lonesome, precocious young girl and a tightly wound piano tuner. In Gloria Mok’s touching, humourous and allegorical play we uncover just how lonely these individuals are in their own ways, and how each of them hold the potential to fill the gap in the other’s life.

Diminished was first created and performed as a ten-minute play during Trafalgar 24 on March 8, 2020. In December 2021, it underwent a one-week workshop with direction by Keira Loughran, musical direction by James Smith, performances by Tess Benger and Jeff Yung, Stage Management by Emmanuelle So and Safety Coordination by Ella Kohlmann.

Coming up: Gloria will join playwright Ahmed Moneka and creators Jeremy Smith and Steven Gallagher for Driftwood’s 1st County Playwrights’ Retreat in May 2022.

Gloria’s work is supported by Company Dramaturg, Caitie Graham.