Driftwood Audiences Know About Love

At each of our 26 performances of Shakespeare’s “Rosalynde (or As You Like It)” we handed paper hearts to our audiences and invited them to share their thoughts on love – a poem, some advice, how they met their love. Those who also wanted to share their email address were entered to win a “Heart’s Desire Gift Crate” of fantastic Ontario artisan gifts. (More on that later.)

We had no idea what would happen. More than 200 submissions later, we have learned a few things about our audiences, and about love.

To begin, there are some darn well-read folks out there. People submitted poetry and quotes from sources ranging from Leonard Cohen to Lord Byron, from Ed Sheeran to the Bible, from T.S. Eliot to Joni Mitchell, from Rumi to the Beatles to Burns – and of course, Shakespeare.

A wealth of wisdom was also shared, coming from singles, newlyweds and couples who have been together for more than five decades! Some of our favourites:

“Always believe in good intention.”

“ Listen more, criticize less.”

“ Never share a toothbrush.”

“ Don’t look for it, let it happen.”

“ Love is a dance. As time goes by the music will change. Try not to step on each others’ toes.”

As for romantic tales –there were so many. From the couple who met at an age when 7 years was too much of an age difference, were apart for 33 years and then found each other again to the pair who met at the Molson Indy (he still revs my engines!) to the smart sax player who serenaded his way into his wife’s heart, there are some beautiful and funny stories of love out there.

Thank you all for sharing your warmth and humour, and to quote one of our wise audience members, “Don’t forget to make time for love!”