Driftwood has always been committed to a vision of accessible theatre for everyone, but the past few years have prompted us to consider which members of the communities we visit may have nonetheless been left out. It is not enough, we have found, just to remove financial barriers– we have to actively reach out to the people and communities that, in the past, have not been as represented in our audiences and in the theatre industry as a whole.

This summer, we are partnering with eighteen local organizations across our touring regions distribute free tickets for our production of King Henry Five to a diverse range of people and communities: unhoused or precariously housed community members, refugees and other newcomers to Canada, disabled people, racialized and marginalized people, youth, people dealing with mental health and addiction concerns, people experiencing poverty and/or food access challenges, and more.

When you buy a ticket at the $75 level, it allows us to unlock TWO free tickets to send to people in your community and across Southern Ontario who may not otherwise have access to professional theatre.

For the complete list of our community partners, see below: