Driftwood has always been committed to a vision of accessible theatre for everyone, but the past few years have prompted us to consider which members of the communities we visit may have nonetheless been left out. It is not enough, we have found, just to remove financial barriers– we have to actively reach out to the people and communities that, in the past, have not been as represented in our audiences and in the theatre industry as a whole.

This spring and summer, we are partnering with four different organizations across our touring regions to develop “Community Play” workshops based around story-sharing, tailored to the needs and interests of the people they work with. In each workshop, participants will discuss the story and themes of Henry Five, make personal connections to their own lives, and have the opportunity to collaborate and play as a group. Our hope is that these workshops will provide opportunities for open-hearted sharing through storytelling, cross-cultural dialogue between Shakespeare and other great works of theatre worldwide, deepening connections to theatre as an art form, and more!