Chris Darroch | player | Shakespeare D&D

For Driftwood: 8 Driftwood seasons, The Rise of the Dark (player in Jeremy’s 15-year epic home D&D game).
Other Selected Credits: The 39 Steps (Bruce County Playhouse), Gone With The Wind (RMTC), 10 year veteran of the “Nearly World-Famous” Dufflebag Theatre, The Curse of Strahd (DM), The Swordcoast Saga (DM), Hoard of the Dragon Queen (DM). 
About: Born at a very young age with a love for adventure, Chris has chased stories of glory and transformation ever since. He is thrilled to return to the table where so many of his own stories began, and where D&D and Shakespeare live together! 
Upcoming: The Call of Calamity (DM), *Unnamed original adventure collaboration with DJS* (Writer)