Carlyn Rahusaar Routledge | Production Designer | Living With  Shakespeare

For Driftwood: Froxeaglousy, Motorcycle Monologues, Digital Short Play Festival

Other Credits (selected): Costume Designer, Antigone Lives, Seph, TomorrowLove (RISERx); Cutter/stitcher, Redbone Coonhound (Tarragon Theatre); Wardrobe coordinator, Overruled (Shaw Festival); Costume/Set Designer, A Few Words (WeeFestival).

About: I’ve always admired personal storytelling – a peek into how someone’s brain works. When designing I thought of just that. What does a man’s mind look like when he’s been living with Shakespeare for decades? What happens when the Bard is only a fraction of what occupies his life? How does he keep track of it all? Things go missing, they’re forgotten, shuffled about, found again, packed away, collect dust, and maybe even eventually written about.

Upcoming: Costume Designer, Morning After (A Front Company) presented at Aki Studio during Toronto’s Fringe Festival.