Deivan Steele in Froxeaglousey. Photo by Ella Kohlmann.


In our newest piece for young audiences, we take you on a journey through a magical forest filled with talking animals. And here’s the twist: you get to choose what happens next! For ages 4-7.

I’ve got here a wonderful story. It’s a story about a child. In fact, the child looks a lot like you.”

When Jupiter loses his froxeaglousey, you’re the one he asks to go on a journey through the magical forest and return it to him. On your way, you’ll meet a cast of talking creatures, big and small, who will help you on your quest. In this choose-your-own-adventure online piece, you get to choose which path you’ll head down next! Whether you go on an adventure for one viewing (15 minutes), or you go down every possible path (over 8 hours), young ones will love learning all sorts of lessons from these characters. The hunt for the lost froxeaglousey is on!

Streaming on YouTube on August 25th, 2021! Check out our trailer below!