by Hannah Rittner

Taking place in Paris from 1940 – 1946 the play follows Leah and Marie as they meet and fall in love in the underground Jazz scene. As their relationship deepens they have to face the impending pressures of leaving France due to the rise of Nazism. Leah, an assimilated Jew remains in denial of their circumstances while Marie a child of Sudanese workers feels the urgency is immediate and dire. They struggle about where to go and how to go. After years of being separated from the War they finally meet. This is a play about the transformative power of love to survive even the most heartbreaking circumstances. 

I Am Amazed, and Know Not What To Say was originally staged for Trafalgar 24, March 8, 2019 with direction by Leighton Alexander Williams, dramaturgy by Myekah Payne, and featuring Neta J. Rose and Hillary Warden.

Ms. Rittner has been selected for a five-week paid residency to further develop her work. I Am Amazed, and Know Not What To Say will receive further dramaturgical support and rehearsals, culminating with a staged reading in the spring of 2020.