patched fools/offensive shadows/restored friends, by Wallis Caldoza

Love Multiplies, by Rebecca Ostroff

Repentance or Some Sh*t, by Polly Phokeev

the aristocratic pedigree, by Melissa Taylor

Launching in 2020 is Driftwood Theatre’s inaugural BEYOND THE BARD PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT . Up to five playwrights annually will participate in a series of group and one-on-one meetings to support the development of short plays first created at Trafalgar 24 .

At the table for Driftwood’s 2020 BEYOND THE BARD PLAYWRIGHTS UNIT are four returning playwrights from Driftwood’s 2019 Trafalgar 24 festival: Wallis Caldoza, Rebecca Ostroff, Polly Phokeev and Melissa Taylor.

Further extending the impact to playwrights participating in Trafalgar 24, the Playwrights Unit will culminate with public readings of work as opening acts at select performances of The Bard’s Bus Tour. See the Bard’s Bus Tour schedule for details.