Driftwood Theatre officially releases Dream image by Ramon Perez

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Illustrator and artist Ramon Perez

Driftwood Theatre is proud to officially release the image for their 18th Bard’s Bus Tour season production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The image, created by Toronto illustrator and artist Ramón Pérez, features the mischievous Puck reaching for the magical flower which is at the centre of the play’s tale of four young lovers’ (and one hapless mechanical’s) transformative night in a forest.

Mr. Pérez is best known for his graphic novel adaptation of the lost Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl Screenplay Tale Of Sand for publisher Archaia Entertainment which was recently nominated for five Eisner Awards – the top international comic book industry awards. Notable recent works also include John Carter: Gods of Mars, Captain America and the First Thirteen, Deadpool Team-Up and his creator-owned endeavors Butternutsquash and Kukuburi. He also created most of Driftwood’s season images between 1995-2004 including posters for two previous productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Ramón is a celebrated artist in his field,” says Driftwood Artistic Director D. Jeremy Smith, “It is such a thrill to have him agree to return to Driftwood to prepare this wonderful image and it seemed only fitting given his history with our previous posters for this play in 1995 and 2004. His style captures the right balance of playfulness and mischief, which you see in Tale Of Sand and his own Kukuburi.”

When asked to describe the process he went through when creating the image, Mr. Pérez explained that, “After speaking with Jeremy regarding his visions for the poster, I took the elements he gave me and tried to create an image that evoked them all. After some back and forth, discussions and revisions, a final image was settled upon and I ran with it.”

“The touchstones of the play that I wanted to convey were the magical elements – a floating fairy queen and a man with an ass’ head – and the mischievousness of Puck, as well as the importance of the magical blossom. I tried to push the mood through the palette by evoking twilight, that wondrous hour of the night. The most important thing is to convey as much as possible through as few elements as possible.”

Driftwood Theatre presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, a musical adaptation by Kevin Fox, Tom Lillington and D. Jeremy Smith, as this summer’s Bard’s Bus Tour from July 12 to August 19. The Pay-What-You-Can production will tour to 27 outdoor venues across Ontario between London, Kingston and Bobcaygeon. For information please visit www.driftwoodtheatre.com.


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