Bard’s Bus Tour 2018 Audition Notice

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Driftwood Theatre Group invites submissions from performers for As You Like It by William Shakespeare.

Driftwood Theatre is dedicated to reflecting Canada’s rich diversity onstage for audiences across Ontario. Diverse artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, orientation, or personal beliefs are encouraged to apply.

The Bard’s Bus Tour is an annual summer Ontario tradition, touring to outdoor venues in over 25 communities for 24 years.

Rehearsals for As You Like It will begin on June 18, 2018 in Toronto, with public performances between July 13 – August 12, 2018. The Bard’s Bus Tour contracts equity artists under the ITA as a ‘G’ House.


Rosalind: Intrepid exiled daughter of Duke Senior who disguises herself as a shepherd (Ganymede) in order to take control of her own destiny. Aged 20-30.

Orlando: The rough-around-the-edges youngest son of Sir Rowland de Bois, also exiled. Loves Rosalind. Aged 20-30.

Celia: The exiled daughter of Duke Frederick. Rosalind’s cousin, who disguises herself as a shepherdess (Aliena) in exile. Aged 20-30.

Jaques: The world-weary, straight-talking associate of Duke Senior in exile. Aged 40-50.

Touchstone: Duke Frederick’s court jester who accompanies Rosalind and Celia into exile. Any age.

Duke Senior/Duke Frederick/Puppeteer #1: This track portrays both warring siblings Dukes Senior (in exile, happily living off the land and their home-made distiller) and Frederick (who usurped Senior and assumed control of the family liquor business). Track includes the character of Corin (puppet), a kind, old shepherd. Aged 40- 60.

Audrey/Puppeteer #2: Shepherdess who falls in love with Touchstone. Track includes the characters of Phebe (a saucy shepherdess), Charles (the wrestler), both puppets. Aged 20 – 40.  

Oliver/Puppeteer #3: Orlando’s older brother. Not a very nice guy: attempts to have his youngest brother killed, but finds redemption in the forest. Track includes the characters Silvius (shepherd who loves Phebe, in vain), and Jacques de Boys (Orlando and Oliver’s brother), both puppets. Aged 25-40.

As You Like It. A sharply comedic treatise on women’s empowerment, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It tells the story of Shakespeare’s boldest heroine, Rosalind, as she takes control of her own destiny after being forced from her home into exile in the forest of Arden. Exploring women’s path towards equality, As You Like It will be set in Canada in 1918 – an pivotal moment in the history of women’s suffrage – when the federal government recognized the right for most women to vote.      

This will be an ensemble production featuring eight (8) performers.

Please express interest and submit photos & resume in pdf format to Driftwood Theatre at Please list any singing/physical theatre abilities, musical instruments you play and experience with puppetry. Candidates selected for an audition will be expected to prepare one comedic Shakespeare monologue, one song (of their choice) to be sung a capella, and work from sides provided.

Artists who submitted recently for the Ontario Summer Theatre General Auditions are asked not to re-apply.

Both CAEA members and non-CAEA members will be considered. All performers cast will be engaged under an Equity form of contract. Electronic submissions only. Only those selected for an audition will be contacted.  

The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 20, 2017 at 5pm.

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