Bard’s Bus Tour

Rosalynde (or, As You Like It)

July 13 – August 12, 2018 | Ontario Tour | Free or Pay-What-You-Can Admission | All Performances Begin at 7:30pm

Imagine epic, site-specific theatre with Ontario‚Äôs greatest outdoor spaces as powerful backdrops, where every performance is unique to each particular community. Driftwood Theatre’s Bard’s Bus Tour has been sharing theatre under the stars in places you love for nearly 25 years.

Looking back 100 years to Canada in 1918, Rosalynde explores the right to be who we are, to love whom we choose and to do what we please in a time when women were fighting for equality, the government was regulating recreational substances, and conflict was shaping our country.  Not at all like today, eh?

When circumstances force Rosalynde from her home in the city, she flees into the unknown wilds of the forest where she sets out on a journey of identity, self-discovery and love, learning that to carve your own path, sometimes you need to break the rules.

Praise for Driftwood Theatre’s Bard’s Bus Tour

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“If you haven’t yet discovered the charms and delights of Driftwood Theatre, make this your summer.”  Durham This Week

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A ray of sunshine in a darkening world  Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto